Community Wellbeing Service

The Community Wellbeing Service is a free and confidential service for anyone over the age of 16. The aim of the service is to connect you to local services, organisations and groups that can help you to improve your general wellbeing and meet your wider social needs. Community Wellbeing Agents can help you with:

  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Long term health conditions
  • General health and fitness
  • Social isolation Housing and environment
  • Debt and finance

Your local Community Wellbeing Team will work closely with local groups and services. Our service is committed to working in partnership with local GP practices to ensure we are able to reach into the heart of local communities.

Commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council and NHS Gloucestershire ICB, the service is countywide and delivered by five providers who each have a local presence in one district of the County.

Each team will link with existing services and organisations to offer the best possible support where and when it is needed by either working with individuals or signposting to another organisation. They work with local communities to identify and support the development of possible new services. Encouraging local communities to identify local skills and talents that may lead to volunteer opportunities that can be delivered in your town or local village.

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